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Coastal Data Systems are experienced in the supply and installation of all types of fibre optic cabling into all types of environments. We are able to Design, install, terminate and test all types of Fibre optic back bone infrastructures, connecting all floors and buildings within your premises.

A full range of outer coatings are available on all our fibre optic cables to meet your exact requirements.

Prysmian Sirocco Blown Fibre System provides the simple solution to manage evolving network demands without the need for high up-front expenditure or intensive forward planning. Blown Fibre Systems can grow and adapt to changing business requirements.

The Prysmian Sirocco Blown Fibre System enables optical fibres to be deployed on demand from one point of a network to another (internal or external) using compressed air to blow optical Fibre into pre-installed tubes.

Our engineers are experience in the installation and termination of both multimode and single-mode fibre optic cables. Termination of installed cabling is completed by either fusion splicing pre-terminated pigtails or direct termination as per our customerís specifications.

Coastal Data Systems are approved installers for Siemon, BrandRex, Excel and 3M cabling systems with warranties available on all our installations. Reference sites are available for our potential customers to view previous installations with commercial references also available.

Coastal Data Systems will only install high quality components installed to manufactures specifications.

All installations are fully tested using light source and power loss meters and OTDR testers with test certificates issued on completion.

All of our Engineers are employed directly by us to ensure all installations are of a consistent and high standard. We employ our own teams of trained engineers, to ensure our customers receive the best quality of professional service.

Coastal Data Systems will design, install and maintain your fibre optic cabling to meet your precise needs.


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