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SMALL OFFICE & BUILDING WIRELESS LANS We can offer you a quick and convenient method of expanding your existing network or creating a new wireless local area network to your office or building. Our systems offer a fast wire free alternative to conventional copper cabling ideal for various applications such as hot desking, open area presentations and areas where conventional cabling is difficult to cable too.

Creating wireless areas of space in the modern workplace, Workers need no longer be tied to a particular desk or even a particular office. With a wireless enabled laptop and a mobile phone they can be productive anywhere where there is a wireless signal. Wireless networks can even cope with working on the move with access points seamlessly handing over from one to another.

Coastal Data Systems offers a number of services to ensure the deployment of the optimum wireless networking solution:

1/ Wireless surveys - our highly trained technicians will carry out a survey of the areas requiring coverage and will draw up a specification detailing the number and location of access points, together with any additional cabling requirements.

2/ Installation - Coastal Data Systems will install the access points in the appropriate locations, together with the necessary cabling to link the access points back to the relevant communications cabinet. Coastal Data Systems can also provide power over Ethernet solutions that enable access points to be remotely powered, thus removing the need for additional power supplies.

3/ Commissioning - Coastal Data Systems will set up the wireless network to ensure maximum coverage with the minimum of interference between wireless cells. Coastal Data Systems will advise on the enabling of the wireless access points security features to ensure that the network is only available to those with authorised access.

LASER LINK INSTALLATIONS We can offer high-speed Building-to-building wire free links operating at between 1 and 155Mbps in point to point with a range of up to 1 Km subject to a clear line of site.

LaserBit Solution represents the latest state of the art technology in the field of wireless communication. Free Space Optical communication uses laser technology to transmit information between 2 points, which have a clear 'line of sight' between them.

The transparent and wire speed data transfer together with virtually zero latency making the technology ideal for today and tomorrows demanding applications.

With LaserBit there is no need to install cables, no rental cost and no licensing requirement. It is ideal for urban areas or city centre's where the use of leased lines is expensive and is suitable for factories or industrial environments where high noise levels can interfere with transmitted data. It is the best choice for making connections across rivers and other natural or artificial obstacles where cables are not available.

Telecommunication companies such as internet service providers, cellular phone or next generation wireless operators and landline telecom companies can benefit from using this technology to provide competitive, carrier-class services to their customers.

For corporate users and organizations with multiple facilities LaserBit systems offer economical and highly effective solution to establish, expand or replace their communication networks.


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